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Medifer Group

The Medifer Group was formed in Spain in 2010 as a strategic alliance between some of the most relevant companies in the fertilizer market in Spain. The objective of the alliance is to develop and benefit from advantages and synergies derived from the presence of each of the members within their respective sectors of the fertilizer supply chain.

The Medifer Group seeks to leverage its members´ combined strength for purchasing of raw materials and finished fertilizers, achieving competitive advantages to be passed on for the most part to the Group’s clients. With the creation of the Medifer Group, geographic reach throughout all of Spain has been achieved covering a complete portfolio of the whole range of different fertilizers for intensive and extensive agriculture. With several manufacturing facilities producing both solid and liquid fertilizers, the Group is able to offer customized products according to the many different needs and requirements of its customers.

It serves to point out the international focus of the Medifer Group, as much as a platform for importing and distribution in the whole Spain territory as well as for exporting, benefiting from some of the member companies in this respect and the location in the United States of one of the members.