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Business Solutions

PRIMARY’s skilled team of professionals and those of the Medifer Group count on a strong background in the commodities industries. The team, in addition to the buying and selling of products, brings several key services and solutions to its clients and partners above and beyond supplying product. Market intelligence is shared through continued and open communication allowing clients and partners to manage pricing and logistics risk. PRIMARY also works with buyers and suppliers to monitor inventories and to provide flexibility in timely liftings and deliveries. The company provides global sourcing and sale options to buyers and suppliers through long and medium term supply and off-take agreements.

Transportation and Logistics

PRIMARY, through its knowledge and expertise in freight markets and charter parties is able to provide unique logistic solutions to its partners. The company provides freight market intelligence to its partners when required. Shipping solutions and options can be made available to suppliers and customers for product not controlled by Primary. Warehousing and storage of product can be provided at the point of shipment or delivery to allow inventory control and cost optimization.